Practice Areas

Susan K Bryant Boulder Colorado Family Law The Law Firm of Susan K Bryant located in Longmont, Colorado, specializes in family and elder law. Our goal is to provide professional, effective, and compassionate representation to a limited number of clients, ensuring that each receives the attention and care needed at a difficult time in life. We also recognize the importance of balancing diligent representation with reasonable fees.

We represent clients in Boulder and Weld Counties. Clients are active participants in crafting workable solutions for their families or partners, and a negotiated settlement is always attempted.


The practice areas of The Law Firm of Susan K Bryant include:

  • Elder Law – Susan assists elders and their caregivers with simple estate planning, end of life decisions, elder abuse concerns, and advance directives.
  • Divorce – called a “Dissolution of Marriage” in Colorado, the divorce process typically takes three months to a year to complete. The final result is in the form of permanent orders regarding all child-related issues, including child support, maintenance/alimony, division of property and debts, and payment of attorney’s fees.
  • Paternity – in cases in which the parentage of a child is not yet established, a paternity action will ultimately name the parent and set forth orders pertaining to the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, including decision-making, parenting time, and child support.
  • Parental Rights – often an Allocation of Parental Rights is used in cases of established parentage, or in cases involving non-biological persons who have acted in a parental role, such as grandparents. Susan has handled many grandparent cases, both for the grandparents and for the parents.
  • Modification of Orders – typically as children mature, orders regarding parenting time and/or child support need to be modified based on a substantial and continuing change of circumstances. Sometimes a party needs a modification of maintenance based on changed circumstances. These cases are often acrimonious, but we work hard to handle them as amicably and efficiently as possible.
  • Relocation – if a parent wishes to move to a location that substantially changes the geographic proximity between the other parent and the child or children, s/he must initiate a process to obtain agreement or a Court order to receive permission to move. These are often complex, emotional cases. Susan has handled dozens of them during her career.
  • Step-Parent Adoption – when a spouse of a parent wishes to adopt, the case can often be done easily with the consent of the biological parents. When consent cannot be obtained, effective representation is usually needed to obtain the right to adopt. Again, Susan has handled many of these cases.
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship – many different circumstances may necessitate the appointment of a guardian and conservator. One is when a minor child receives money that must be managed with court supervision. Another is when a disabled child attains the age of majority. Sometimes a guardianship and conservatorship is needed for a disabled adult, often someone impaired by dementia or other issues causing incompetency.